• UCLA Student Receives Jewish Academic Innovation Award

    Congratulations to UCLA student David Chernobylsky, who received the Jewish Academic Innovation Award on Aug. 8 in recognition of “All Kinds of Meshugas: The Temporary Insanity Defense Under the Jewish Prism,” a research paper that connected Jewish values to a sensational murder trial in the 1980s in which the defendant argued that his wife’s nagging ...

  • We Did It! We've Got Complete Chutzpah!

    As of 5:00pm on Monday, June 30th, we've got complete Chutzpah! We are very proud to announce that, thanks to the 265 donors and 12 participants who championed our campaign, Chutzpah! The Non-Gala, we have met (and surpassed!) our goal! Because of your friendship and support, we are able to provide continued programming for our ...

  • Mourning Our Loss

    I am writing from Jerusalem with a broken heart; our children have been brutally murdered. We prayed and we hoped against hope. Now we must pray again - that the bereaved families be comforted and strengthened by our communal embrace and that our leaders respond wisely and effectively. It is in these moments of loss and ...

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